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1/32 Imaginary Skeleton Mosasaurus


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Mososaurus is the newest entry in Bandai’s “Imaginary Skeleton” model-kit lineup! This kit brings us a skeleton in a natural pose based on the latest biology-based theory. It faithfully reproduces the complex details of the skull, such as the scleral ring that protects the eyeball from water pressure, and the mandibular joint that makes it easier to swallow prey. The special teeth of the upper jaw, arranged in two rows like the teeth of snakes, are also represented, as is the sophisticated shape of the ribs and ribcage, which compromises b between water pressure resistance and light movement. The specialized fin-like extremities are also carefully modeled. The display base faithfully reproduces marine life such as ammonites and nudists (special cup-shaped bivalves) that lived in the oceans alongside the Mososaurus. A commentary booklet supervised by reptile and dinosaur researcher Kyoichi Tomita is included as well. Order yours today!


  • Instruction manual (in Japanese)
  • Commentary booklet (in Japanese)
  • Base for display