1/100 RE Efreet Custom

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1/100 RE Efreet Custom

– 1/100 RE Efreet Custom The long-awaited new line-up to RE / 100! Finally appeared popular mobile suits Ifrit Kai !! games and Gaiden work on the topic in the Gundam EXPO2015

– Sophisticated parts and range of motion
Shoulder armor is moving to flexible at the ball shaft. Elbow realize a wide range of motion to adopt the double joint. Hip swing moving back and forth. Mounting parts slide movable to an action-based 1.

– Ifrit characteristic equipment breaks also complete reproduction
Characteristic heat saber is reproduced in clear plastic. In addition, it can be installed to the back pack. Missile pod is removable by the poly cap and the shaft. Angle adjustment is also possible.

– Accessories: heat saber × 2,6 twin missile pod × 2