Exclusive 1/100 MG hi-nu gundam ver. ka hws


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Exclusive 1/100 MG hi-nu gundam ver. ka hws

※ MS body (Photo) are not included in this product. This purchase for Extend parts only.

It is attached to the (sale at the optional / national over-the-counter) “MG 1/100 Hi-ν Gundam Ver.Ka”

“Heavy Weapon system” for MG Hi-ν Gundam Ver.Ka.

The Heavy Weapon system in which all can be reproduced in a new type,

Heavy armor armor unit, versatile weapon, the “Ver.Ka” marking a set, commercialized as an extended set.

HWS is possible the first form, retrofit to the second form.


【Set content】

■ chest armor unit
■ Front armor armored unit
■ leg armor and thruster unit
Each unit, equipped with a deployment gimmick, reproduce the mechanical detail inside that looks at the time of deployment.

■ shoulder missile launcher
Shape reproduction of the missile launcher, which is newly placed in the shoulder.

● Hyper-Mega shield × 1
In the first embodiment, mounted on the outside of the shield of the arm. In the second form, attached to the back of the back pack.

● Hyper-Mega-rifle × 1
Reproduce the hyper-mega-rifle reinforced with additional equipment the beam rifle.
Kit, a specification finish incorporates a beam rifle inside, you can enjoy additional equipment gimmick.

● New hyper-bazooka × 1
The two can be mounted on the rear backpack at the time of the second form, the two eyes of New hyper-bazooka is included.
The same weapons that are arranged on both sides of the hyper-mega-shield, reproduce the form, such as a cannon.
In the barrel of the expansion and contraction, it can display a more powerful even at the time of the back equipped.

● Shield × 1
When the first embodiment is equipped on the inside of the hyper-mega-shield.
At the time the second embodiment, can be attached to the arm portion as in the conventional form.

● beam rifle × 1
Shipped as ‘for the built-in Hyper-Mega-rifle’.

● “Ver.Ka” water transfer decal
In addition to the marking that corresponds to the HWS set,
Shield for the marking of ink spot pattern is also included!

Recommended point ♪
Normal marking the shield of the body products, such as the HWS subjected to the marking of ink spot pattern,
Two types of shield representation you can enjoy.

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