New Zealand Gunpla Builders Competition 2023

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Gunpla Builders Competition 2023 (1-3 votes)?
* Voting starts from 3th Oct 2023.
* Voting from same IP will not be counted.
* Max number of voting is 3

1. 《Gravitational Attraction》By Lee Chang

2. 《Beautiful Witch》by Arvin Salvador

3. 《La Arma》by Jimmy Burrow

4. 《NZ001》by Woody Zou

5. 《Knives Out》by Philip Credo

6. 《Happy Lunar New year》by Nicki Tian

7. 《RIPGMII》by Declan Liao

8. 《Electrosurge》by Oliver Hiscock

9. 《Legs are only for decoration!》by Mike Chang