Bandai Star Wars: 1/12 Shore Trooper

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Bandai Star Wars: 1/12 Shore Trooper


You can make a Shoretrooper grunt:

Do you know what that means? It means that I need to get three of these. Three. Decrees and contracts, not to mention the yen and overseas shipping cost have already made it hard enough to get even one model at a time and I’m going to need three. I may cry.

There is also alternate belt configurations. The grunt and captain have armor plate pieces hanging from the belt while the squad leader gets a skirt type piece. Someday I will learn the actual name of that article of clothing.

That’s probably closer to what the figures will look like right out of the box. Clean base colors. The other promo pics have grime and dirt built up in all the grooves and nooks. Nothing wrong with that. These are models, they need extra TLC than store-bought figures.

The kit comes with two weapon options, the E-11 and the E-22.

All in all some good additions to the model line and our shelves. It’s odd seeing this much product all at once after long silences most of the year with sporadic releases. But the same could be said for the Figuarts line and it’s impressive seven figure reveal.

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