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Chogokin Pac-Man


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–Pac-Man becomes a Chogokin robot !! Chogokin Pac-Man starts!

――Pac-Man is a superalloy! It’s full of fun gimmicks like superalloy, such as punching, switching eyes, and transforming into vehicle mode! The attached ghosts can be replaced with wrists. Comes with a Pac-Man minifigure that can be boarded on the main body.

――Die-cast is used for the main body, giving it a heavy weight and a cool feel.
-Includes a main body, 4 types of ghosts, a special pedestal, and a Pac-Man minifigure.
-It is possible to fly a punch! You can also replace the included ghost with your wrist.
-A mini figure can be boarded inside the main body! By moving the cockpit up and down, the mouth can be opened and closed while the minifigure is on board.
–The dial on the back changes your eyes to 2 modes!
–Can be transformed into vehicle mode! Go on any bad road!
-Can be set on the pedestal even in vehicle mode.
――The motif of [PAC-MAN] is everywhere in your body! Specifications that fans will love! Pac-Man on the soles of the feet!
-[Chogokin] logo is also a maize design!

[set content]
・ Main body
・ 4 types of ghosts each
・ A set of dedicated pedestals
・ Pac-Man minifigure