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P-Bandai: 1/100 MG Jesta [Shezarr Type, Team B & C]


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– Faithfully reproduce the aircraft characteristics of the Jesta Schezar Corps specification with new modeling!

The body shape is based on MG Jesta, and some new parts are reproduced.

Also, fuselage color faithfully reproduced with molding color and seal.



Scope type sensor strengthening unit of Jesta Schezart team specification (A, B, C group common)

Reproduce the head part of the joint part with new parts. The sensor reinforced unit is equipped with a movable gimmick.


Mega beam launcher & tripod

The main armament equipped with the Schezar B team B, “Mega Beam Launcher & Tripod” is included.

Tri-pods reproduced with new parts are equipped with a variety of movable gimmicks. It is possible to adjust the height by swiveling to the left and right and stretching gimmick.


Capture gun

The capture gun “Capture gun” equipped by the Schezar Corps C group is reproduced by new modeling.



● Optional equipment that Jesta carries is included

Optional equipment such as beam rifle and shield is also included.



Attached armed: mega · beam launcher & tripod / capture gun / hand · grenade / beam · rifle / beam · saber / shield