MG 1/100 F90 Mission Pack F Type and M Type Equipment Set

MG 1/100 Gundam F90 (Sold separately)

Gundam F90 Mission Pack Type M (Marine)

Giving the Gundam F90 an advantage in underwater combat!

  • Backpack – The kit is given with a large hydro jet for underwater propulsion.
  • Snorkel Camera [Search Light] – The mission Type M is provided with search light to navigate underwater with ease.
  • Homing Phydeaux – Torpedoes are equipped on both of its legs, giving the Gundam F90 with underwater long-range combat.
  • Heat Combat Knife – The M Type kit has a heat combat knife mounted on its waist, just in case the enemies gets closer!
  • Six-row Arrow Shooter – Giving it another advantage in underwater long-range combat, the shooter can be attached on both hands with the help of its grips! Provided with extra magazine on its waist.

Gundam F90 Mission Pack Type F (Fight)

Equipped with melee fighting armaments, this mission pack provides the Gundam devastating close-combat blows.
  • Arm Fighting Equipment – The alternative knuckles gives the Gundam F90 even more close-combat power, enough to crush its opponent’s armor. (Beam effect parts included in the kit.)
  • Sub-arms – Mission Type F is provided with sub-arm units installed on its waist. It can also be deployed and hold the beam sabers for additional close-combat advantage.

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